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# Summary

Arktoshi - The name of smallest amount of Ark

If that name sounds familiar to you, then you probably remember the work arktoshi has done over at the ARK and Compendia community.

I’m Tin from Vietnam, and been involved in Ark-based DPOS chains since Dec 2017. Since that time, I became quite handy around building and maintaining nodes. You might seen my delegate name in forging on the Ark, Compendia, Qredit networks.

arktoshi will share a portion of it’s rewards with it’s voters every 24 hours. This is subject to change and will be regularly re-evaluated due to value changes.

  • Sharing 40% of rewards every 24 hours
  • Using True Block Weight (TBW) adapted to UNIKNAME.network for automated sharing of forging rewards.
  • NO Minimum UNIK required for earning rewards
  • NO Maximum cap
  • NO Minimum payout

I am hoping I can count on your support! Thank you for taking the time to read this proposal.

Update: Delegate arktoshi was just voted into the top 23 delegates (Individual)! I would like to thank all my voters for the trust that you give me! Especially I would like to thank mtaylan, who shared a lot of knowledge about Unikname and supported me out.

# Contributions

  • [2021 ] Maintain multiple Unikname nodes.
    • 1x Forging Node - CPU Ryzen, NVMe disk, Premium BW - NL datacenter - Uptime 99,99%
    • 1x Relay Node - CPU Intel Silver, SSD disk, Premium BW - US datacenter - Uptime 99,99%
    • … I’ll add more relay nodes soon.
  • [2021 ] Sharing Unikname related articles at arkviet.com.
  • [2021 ] Sharing Unikname related articles to Top 10 magazine in Vietnam.
  • [2021 ] Tweet/Retweet Uninake information daily. My Account @arktoshidotcom has ~ 500 followers (most of them love ARK, and from now they will research about Unikname).