# Summary

Hello everyone ! ✋

I'm a french 🇫🇷 web and mobile developer and architect based in Nantes and I'm interested by blockchain since 2017 and also more generally in decentralized technology for 2 years.

I'm an active participant of the Duniter blockchain and user of the associated crypto-currency, the Ğ1. I also contribute, in my spare time, to the development of the wallet app of this crypto-currency, Cesium and I'm also the leader of the FideliĞ1 project which use the Ğ1 as token of fidelity programs for shops, restaurants, pubs, associations, ...

In my professional life I design and develop mainly websites and hybrid mobile applications. I'd love to work on projects which use decentralized technologies in my professional work, but I didn't have the opportunity yet.

In my personal life, I'm a supporter of the Nantes' hockey team, the Corsaires de Nantes, an amateur rock climber and a science lover.

I've known the Unikname project first through the Blockchain & Société association and I'm a delegate since the beginning.

As a delegate, I'm committed to maintain an up and running unikname.network forging node.

If you want to support me, open delegate support feature from your app then select @bpresles.

# Contributions