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# Summary

Hello.. My name is Muzaffer Taylan. I live in Izmir Turkey. I have a PhD degree in Biotechnology. I am a partner of a company that produces synthetic bone grafts.

I believe that Blockchains and Decentralized technologies will be much more important in our lives. That's why @unikname, a decentralized authorization system developed to use decentralized technologies securely, impressed me a lot and I wanted to be a part of this network.

I have prepared a website in order to be transparent to those who support me and to manage the whole process easily.

I have started to share 60% (opens new window) of my forged UNIK with my supporters.

  • Sharing 60% of rewards every 24 hours
  • Using True Block Weight (TBW) adapted to UNIKNAME.network for automated sharing of forging rewards.
  • NO Minimum UNIK required for earning rewards
  • NO Maximum cap
  • NO Minimum payout
  • My supporters could easly track their rewards and payments. (opens new window)

I would be very happy if you would review my website (opens new window) and support me.

Follow me on twitter (opens new window) for upcoming airdrops.

# Contributions