# Summary

Hello there 🤚

I'm a French 🇫🇷 developer based in Nantes and I'm in blockchain since 2016.

Yes I'm a developer, so I naturally took the Ethereum path. Learning and building smart-contracts on the chain.

I joined the project at the beginning in 2018 as a co-founder with in mind to build a safer web and make decentralized technologies more accessible.

I conceptualized NFT in the Ark framework early 2019 (see AIP (opens new window)) and did the first implementation in the unikname.network chain. It was the first apparition of a basic NFT management in an Ark bridgechain.

With the team, we've built block by block unikname.network and Unikname ecosystems: blockchain node, sdks, cli, apps, websites, services, and so on...

Today, I'm lead-developer on My Unikname App and I'm in love with its technologies. I'm focused on user experience and I do my best to improvement it daily and to add killing features. Because I'm convinced that every decentralized operation can be done as smooth as any centralized one. Centralized world is mainstream, so now, let's progressively move on to the decentralized world.

As a delegate, I'm committed to the following points:

  • maintain an up and running unikname.network forging node (both livenet and sandbox networks)
  • share my forging rewards with my supporters (more to come here, ping me on discord (@Nigui) if you're interested)
  • listen to every demand (new feature, bug, improvements,...) and do my best to prioritize it in unikname ecosystem software development (my supporters will have the priority 😋)

If you want to support me, open delegate support feature from your app then select @nigui.

# Contributions

  • [since 2018] Core developer on Unikname products